Dream Meaning of Baker

Dream Meaning of Baker

To see a baker in a dream refers to an elder whose statements are proved right, a friend who close your gaps.

To see yourself as a baker or bakery owner in your dream may suggest that you will make people glad by sharing your earnings fair. To work in a bakery in your dream indicates that you will make charity and aid activities. By this means, many people will appreciate you and prayer for you.

To make bread in the bakery, prepare dough in your dream indicates that you will be successful thanks to discipline and ability which you learnt from another person. You will take the job of a person who goes to bat for you.

To see of discussing or fighting with a bakery in your dream may indicate that ill intentioned people will tell your good-intentioned behaviour differently. However, people won’t attach importance to these slanders.

To speak with a bakery in your dream implies that you will give up bad abundant things, content yourself with halal daily bread which is less. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will devote your own property or money, share a valuable information with righteous person with the purpose of charity.

To make trade with a bakery or buy and sell goods in your dream indicates that you will establish an emotional tie with a person whom you will meet during a business issue soon. 

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