Dream Meaning of Judiciary

Dream Meaning of Judiciary

In a dream, courthouse means bad luck and misfortune. It shows that your comfort will not continue, your good living conditions deteriorate, you experience disappointment about your works and you will not make your plans real. You are involved in arguments and conflicts, you fly in the face of religion for being wealthy.

Dream Meaning of Court House

It shows that you will continually have misfortune that you will start to live in hard conditions, you will be put off and bothered, also you are not able to get married. Uncertainty and confusions will increase day by day.

Dream Meaning of Being at Courthouse

This dream does not have a good meaning. It shows that difficulties will appear, you will break apart at the seams, your debts will increase, conflicts will occur and you will get the sack.

Dream Meaning of Court

It shows that you reach wealth and comfort. It is an indicator of progress in your career, end of your troubles, positive changes and maximum potential in your job. 

Dream Meaning of Standing Trial

Standing trial in a drem means that you get rid of your debts, sadness and illness. You will be able to set your way, you will develop your works as you wish and peace will be an integral part of your life.

Dream Meaning of Judge

If you see a judge in courthouse in your dream, you will have good news. You will be happy after the news, beneficial and beatiful events will occur in your life, you will make a profit and everything will be allright.

Dream Meaning of Scribe

It is an indicator of existence of someone who tries to do his work by battening on others and get by.

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