Dream Meaning of Accident

Dream Meaning of Accident

To see an accident in your dream refers to a friend who will regret and apologise, being proved right, being glorified.

To see that you have an accident in your dream may indicate that you will be held in high esteem by your environment and it is proved that you are right in an issue which you weren’t taken serious in.

Alternatively, it is telling you that when you are about to give up, the success with chance will come at the last moment.

To see that you hear accident news in your dream refers to a person who will apologise from you by regretting.

If you hear the accident news of your relatives in your dream, it symbolizes a person who waits for your attention but doesn’t make it clear to you.

To see accidents with deads in your dream refers to conciliation which was done in the name of you without informing you by your friends.

To have an accident in your dream may imply that because of people who envy you, your job which you are successful in will be pushed into the background.

To see that although you have an accident, you will continue your job as nothing happens in your dream may represent that your selfish behaviours increase and this issue won’t be accepted as good thing by many people.

To see that you help to people who have accident in your dream may indicate that although bad incidents you confronted, hopefulness inside you is still there and thanks to this, you will put your lost staffs back with much more than the previous one.

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