Dream Meaning of Branch

Dream Meaning of Branch

Seeing a branch in your dream should be interpreted in accordance with the tree in which the branch is actually connected. If there are leaves on the branches, this signifies that your work will go well and that your goals will be reached. If you have a desire in your heart, it is about to become a reality. Seeing branches in your dream signifies good luck and positive developments in your life. Alternatively, the branches represent the relationship and communication between you and your family or relatives. It means that dreaming of a growing branch that grows with ripe fruits will make you enjoy the prosperity and pleasures of life.

Pale and ill-looking branches mean that you will receive sad news from people who are far away. Seeing a dried branch signifies something bad will happen to someone you miss.

Having a dream of a branch with fruits and green leaves is interpreted to wealth and good times with friends. Seeing a green young branch is explained as you will reach your desires. Seeing unreachable branches on a tall tree means that there is much time for you to reach your goals and you should be patient.

Cutting broken branches in your dream refers to the fulfilment of your dreams. Seeing flowers on a branch means that you will get help from a friend about a problem. And branch with fruits refers to help from your relatives.

Branches in your dream also symbolize things about your relatives.

Thick branches refer to strong family ties.

Seeing the branches of a rare tree means living in solitude for a while.

Seeing that you had grown a tree and cut its branches in your dream means that you possibly want to get rid of a family member or you don't want to live with him/her.

Tasting fruits from the branch that you see in your dream is interpreted that your children will be good people and they will look after you when you grow old.

Eating a sour fruit from a branch that you see in your dream foretells that you have worries and anxieties. And eating a sweet fruit from a branch that you see in your dream signifies that it is time for you to experience glory and honor.

Seeing somebody is bending a branch of a tree on you in your dream, that means a hostility will start between you and this somebody. If you hold a branch of an unknown tree in your dream this signifies you need urgent changes in your life.

Broken Branch in Your Dream

Seeing many broken branches in your dream refers to troubles in your business life.

Green Branch in Your Dream

If the color of the branch you see is completely green, it means that you must work hard to achieve your goals.

Dried Out Branch

Seeing a dead and dry branch in your dream indicates that your goal is very difficult to achieve. This is, in fact, an indication of a warning that your goals should be more accessible.

Branch with Red Flowers

If you see the red flowers blossom or if you see that the branch has red fruits, it is interpreted that your business or spiritual desires will be achieved. But there is a time for it. You have to be patient with it. Never give up hope. One day your desires will be fulfilled, and you will enjoy the happiness of them.

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