Dream interpretation of Hangman

Dream Meaning of Hangman

To see a hangman in a dream refers to a person who should be avoided, a friend who couldn’t keep secret, a pure person. Alternatively, it signifies an easy-going person within a family, a friend who shares a private information or commodity with ill-intentioned people involuntarily. Perhaps it symbolizes a person saying bad things or a person who behaves sentimentally.

To see that you kill a hangman in your dream implies that you will get information that will eliminate your competitor by utilizing from his/her pureness.

To see yourself as hangman in your dream indicates that you will triumph over a dangerous and unreliable person by acting courageously. You will save people around you from a bad person.

To see your own hangman in your dream may represent that you will fall in love. Alternatively, it means that all your liking and interests will change suddenly, you will face events that will change your point of view.

If you run away from a hangman in your dream, it means that you will get rid of your weakness that paints into a corner yourself.

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