Dream Meaning of Topcoat

To see a topcoat in a dream refers to protection, sanctuary and evil eye.

To see that you wear a topcoat in your dream indicates that you won't get harm by taking precaution against dangers before. If you see a person who wears a topcoat in your dream, it refers to a smart and educated rival.

To see of buying a topcoat in your dream may represent that you will want help from your friends about a job which you can't temp to do alone. Alternatively, you will get education to complete your deficiency.

To see black and dark topcoat in your dream signifies that you will be sure yourself, won't be affected from rumors about you. If you see white and light topcoat in your dream, it means that you will be influenced negatively from statements which are said to wear away at you.

To see that you wear topcoat in a sunny day in your dream suggests that you will have illogical fears. If you see person or people wearing topcoat in your dream, it refers to people who try to misguide you about an issue by frightening you.

To take off, hanger or carry topcoat in your dream may refer to problems which you won't confront anymore, an exam done in the past or debt which will be finished.

To dream that you lose a topcoat refers to a friend who won't keep word.

To see burned, torn and old topcoat in your dream means that the expenses which you will make for a commodity will leave you in a difficult situation.

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