Dream Meaning of Hanger

Dream Meaning of Hanger

To see a hanger in a dream refers to family issues, cooperation and meeting.

To see that you hang up to the hanger in your dream may represent people whom you will meet during a journey will influence your life favourably and good conversations with these people.

To see of taking clothes from the hanger in your dream implies that in a crowded or friendship environment you will meet a person whom you haven't seen for a long time.

An old hanger means that you will be in a crowded environment and you will have nice dialogues with people that you don't know.

To see of buying a hanger in your dream signifies that you should do business whatever you want. As long as you do your job, the abundance will come to you.

To see of selling a hanger in your dream may represent that you will take a step about an issue in your heart and mind and when you take a step, all the obstacles will disappear.

The plastic hanger in your dream denotes that you think about a person in your school or business life wrongly because you think that this person is distrustful even if you make a friendship. This person doesn't give harm to you and you are secure.

The wood hanger in your dream symbolizes achievements that you will have in a job.

The steel hanger in your dream may represent that everybody will forget your bad memories that you had with your relatives in the past and the peace will dominate in your family.

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