Dream Meaning of Pub

To see pub in your dream indicates that the jobs will proceed to the result as it is aimed. You will cover a distance towards the goal step by step. The processes will appear within the plan. You will be controlled and you reach to the place where you want to go on time.

To drink alcohol in a pub in your dream may represent that you will have a stressful period, the works will overlap, you will try to step up on your capacity.

To see pub rice in your dream refers to a regular job, being a public servant, setting up a business which brings income with certain periods.

To see pub fight in your dream signifies that you try to apologise because you forgot a special day, strive to sweep your guilt under the carpet.

To see that you are listening songs in the pub in your dream symbolizes that you won’t reach the person whom you try to meet with. The waiting about an issue which you wait news about will continue.

To close a pub in your dream means that you will recover from loss, review your decision, find the right way.

To open a pub in your dream may denote that two people will fall in love with the same person and will be busy with love issues.

To see a publican in your dream may symbolize that you will meet a person whose belief is strong and you will follow this person.

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