Dream Meaning of Spider

To see a spider in a dream refers to good news, surprise and unexpected guest. If the spider is very big in your dream, it denotes a big property, commodity. If it is small, this dream is telling you that you will get a gift which makes you happy.

To see black spiders in your dream refers to suprises regarding money. If you see white spiders, it means surprises regarding family. A colourful spider signifies surprises regarding health.

To see that a spider has many feather in your dream indicates that surprises will occur early. If it doesn’t have feather, it means that surprises will emerge gradually.

To see spider web in your dream symbolizes a meeting or entertainment which you will have with your relatives or acquaintances.

To see that you get caught into the spider web in your dream suggests that you will take steps for marriage. If you don’t save from the spider web, it refers to an easy wedding. If you save from this web, it signifies a wedding which you need financial support for.

To see that a spider bites you in your dream refers to money which will be earned from chance games. If you feel pain or you are poisoned after the spider bites you, you will use money for the right place. If you don’t feel pain, you won’t enjoy the advantage of money.

To touch on or hold the spider in your dream signifies that a guest will come. If you are afraid of as you touch, it refers to a guest who comes from a distant place. If you aren’t afraid of the spider while you are holding in your hand, it denotes a guest who comes from a close place.

To see that a big and powerful spider attacks you in your dream may indicate that you will win a vaulable gift or money from a campaign or lottery.

To dream that you beat the spider indicates that you will use this money by yourself. If you don’t save from the spider, you will make your family happy by using money for your family.

To see of crushing a spider in your dream implies that your relative will share a big heritage or promotion with you.

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