Dream Meaning of Grandmother

Dream Meaning of Grandmother

epresents wealth and a long life. The person gets better both materially and morally. It can also symbolize to gain a place in society.

To dream a grandmother crying is no good. It means hard times to come and unhappiness.

To see his grandmother dying in a dream symbolizes an economic rout and difficulties in life. Moreover, there is nothing the person can do to fix the situation.

Having fight with a grandmother in a dream is also interpreted in the same way as seeing her dying. But further, it means there are better times in the future yet to come, and all the bad things will be overcome at the end.

To see a grandmother in a dream, who is already dead means there are good news coming, and good days. If she is talking to you and you are single, this represents a new partner in life, or a child or a new friend. Sometimes it is said that the dead might bring a new life in the real life.


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