Dream Meaning of Brass

Dream Meaning of Brass

Firstly; brass is something yellow and in general, yellow things in dreams refer to money.

But seeing yourself melting brass in your dream refers that you will engage in a fight about something that you see trivial and people will talk about badly you because of this fight.

The person who sees yellow brass in his dream will gain profit from his work but he will hear harsh words and false statements in his workplace. This dream also is a sign of the presence of someone who is proud of his mundane possessions.

Having a dream in which you see yourself getting hit by a brass object means that you are seeking some worldly gains. Seeing brass or similar yellow metals in a dream also represents an imposter who borrows money from people and never pays back he is also cheating and threatens people.

You can also check coppersmith to find a broader explanation for copper and materials made out of copper. Brass also represents a rapid rise in your business.

Other relevant meanings of brass are as follows:

Brass Boldness and strength. Change in fortune and receiving good offers. Need of being cautious and considerate. Improvement in your job. Increase in your profits. You need to revise your associates closely and do not let false alarms panic you. And signifies your desire to become better especially in financial terms.



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