Dream Meaning of Bell

To see a bell in your dream symbolizes loss or money, commodity that will come from unexpected place or person.

Church bell denotes that you will make savings with money you will earn with the help of a person.

To hear bell's voice in your dream signifies that you will spend money because of your expenses regarding your home.

To see that a bell is ringing in your dream symbolizes valuable thing that you will lose or money that you will go. If you see a person who rings a bell in your dream, it refers to a valuable commodity that you will possess.

To see a bell on an animal's neck in your dream indicates that you will lose money because of one of your friends.

To see small sized bell in your dream refers to money that you will earn thanks to your family elders. Big sized bell indicates that you will help your family financially.

To see of buying a bell in your dream denotes people whom you will meet during an organization.

To see of selling a bell in your dream may represent that you will help one of your friends about job or you will contribute that this person will meet a person about job.


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