Dream Meaning of Garlic

Dream Meaning of Garlic

To see garlic in a dream refers to updates related to health, recovering from the illness, healing. If you see fresh garlic in your dream, it means that you will find cure as soon as possible. Dried garlic refers to successful treatment which will happen gradually. 

To see of eating garlic in your dream may represent that you will make a claim to the job of your relative who has health problem and at that time, you will change your life positively with the things which you learn from this job. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that in spite of your faults and mistakes, you will meet with a loyal spouse who make you always happy, commit to you with loyalty, and won’t abandon you forever. If you see that garlic is delicious and you eat willing fully in your dream, this dream tells that you won’t return to your habit which you gave up because of your health. If you see that the smell of garlic is bad and you are disturbed as you eat that, you will return to your habit which you gave up.

To see of buying garlic in your dream means that you will understand that the disease which you think you have doesn't exist actually and the symptoms which push you to think will disappear. If you see that you take a garlic from a person in your dream, it indicates that a person from your family or relatives who has no child will have a child by having result from treatment. 

To dream that you plant a garlic suggests that your relative will apply to methods apart from medical ones in order to recover from the illness and s/he will want your help.

To dream that you crush garlic suggests that you won't accommodate your friend's step because this person directs you to bad habits. You keep yourself aloof from danger.

To see garlic in field or garden in your dream may indicate that deadly ill will recover from the illness, you will have very big success in a job which you don't believe.

To see a bunch of garlic in a dream refers to golden and commodity.  

To see garlics with shells in your dream indicates that you will earn too much money than you need.

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