Dream Meaning of Cloak

Dream Meaning of Cloak

To see a cloak in a dream refers to a newborn female, a young gir lor happy woman. If you see a new cloak in a dream, it symbolizes a female baby who will be born within your family or close environment. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that a woman from your family will bring extra income to your home.

If you see an old cloak in your dream, it denotes that there will be a female baby who will be sick from your family or environment.

To dream that you wear a cloak means that you will make a friendship with a beautiful and smart girl.

To see that you make a cloak worn to someone or you give cloak in your dream may represent that you will ask a person to mediate because you want to make peace with a girl or woman whom you are at variance with. If a person makes a cloak worn to you, this dream tells that a woman will be a mediator to you about starting a serious relationship.

To see a cloak on another person in your dream indicates that a woman within your family is uneasy. If you see a cloak on chair, hanger or armchair in your dream, a woman from your family who has problems will get rid of these problems.

To see a black or dark cloak in your dream may represent that an old woman will give financial support without provision. If you see a white or light cloak in your dream, it means that you will get material things thanks to a young girl.

To see that you take a cloak as a gift in your dream signifies a beautiful spouse whom you will meet for a man, an easy going friend whom you will meet for a woman.

To see of buying a cloak in your dream may indicate that a girl or woman whom you are close with will be intimate with another person and you will envy this.

To see a wet cloak in a dream suggests that the heart of a woman from your family is broken because of one of your attitudes and this woman is waiting for your apology.

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  1. Hi, I was wearing a light blue cloak in my dream that made me invisible to others when I covered myself with it, but a couple of passing children could still see me.

    In the same dream I had apparently murdered a couple of people and the police had put a record of some other murder I had not committed outside my home and the record contained a photo of me, but I looked different from what I look like in real life and I had a full beard on that photo.

    I was asked to follow people I don’t like in the dream and as I was following them I was given the cloak to wear and I put it on and became invisible. The people who were escorting me turned back and didn’t see me and went back the way we came to look for me.

    In the dream I told the woman who gave me the cloak that I would never be free from those accusations for the rest of my life and the only way for me was if I moved out of the country.

    1. Hi,

      It may mean, you know that you are committing a sin. You clearly know that you shouldn’t but your ego doesn’t allow you to stop it.
      You need to listen to your logic instead of your feelings. Not only you but also someone around you shut her/his eyes to that situation.
      But still, you eventually know there is no escape from the results of what you are doing.


      1. I had a dream where I spoke to a man about my late mother. I was admonishing her for how I believed she saw me in her own private thoughts. The man grabbed me and asked “what about the cloak?” When I said I what cloak and that I didn’t know he laughed and started yelling at me repeatedly to “Find the cloak!” Then I believe he started to throttle me, but not to hurt me but shake me back to reality because shortly after I awoke. What does this mean? I’ve had enjoyable dreams and I’ve had nightmares but this felt different from both of those experiences. Please, any insight would be appreciated.

  2. Hello am here hoping that you will help with this dreams
    I will be grateful

    Am sandra
    The first dream it was that I saw a light standing infrot of me I kept on running but I ended up in same place
    The second one I was sleeping and then I started smelling a very good perfume around me
    The last one I saw un angel in the clouds

  3. hi i had this dream about me in a dark place people were fighting all over the place and it was sad people were looking for me and this groupe of ”teenagers” like me they took me to this woman’s shop she was blod had short hair and i was supossed to get a bag with all my clothes in it but i had to put miney in a little machine and i was asking everybody how much i needed to put in there before getting my bag no one ansewered the woman finally lost patience and other kids were getting theirs and i wasnt so she said lets see yours and they were numbers under it (33.609) and when she saw it she said oh my god yours burning we gotta get it out of here and she handed it to me it was a lleather handbag she was wearing a black and red cloak than my phone ringed and i woke up but before waking up i saw an flashing image of virgin mary can someone help me i dont know what it means

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