Dream Meaning of Someone Arrested

Seeing a prisoner in your dream is no good. It said to be a sign of one’s bad fortune and hardship, ill luck and evil things. It means that your face will frown and you will be under stress, you will encounter unrest in your life and some hardships which are caused by some negative incidents in your life. It is interpreted to the bringing of failures, defeats, loss of economic strength, loss of health and depression.

Seeing Oneself Arrested In One’s Dream

This means that the efforts of the person who sees the dream are wasted and his work is also wasted, this signifies that the whole order is upside down. It is said that the dream owner will have a very difficult period, will have disastrous and melancholic events, will be under stress, will get tense and will have bad days.

Being Arrested In Your Dream

This dream is essentially the same with the above, and means loss of joy of life, diminishing of will to live, break of peace, hardship, overwhelming economic responsibilities, loss of income, and economic crisis. The one who had this dream will go through a very hard phase in his/her life.

Seeing Someone Arrested In Your Dream

Seeing a prisoner or someone arrested in your dream is interpreted as the sign receiving bad news, loss of serenity, negative incidents and unpleasant things. It is said that if you had this dream, you may fail to keep your promises and become stressed by this and you may be helpless with this unsolvable things.

Seeing The Release Of Someone Arrested In Your Dream

It is narrated that the person who sees the dream will refresh his or her hopes for tomorrow and will find out the way to escape and emerge from fear, illnesses, negative emotions and thoughts that make him feel bad, throw away the influence of melancholic days,

Seeing Your Friend Arrested In Your Dream

This dream is said to be a sign of running into trouble, having financial difficulties,  a blocked path, and therefore these absences will make his livelihood will fall down, and it will bring about this needy and captive state for the person who had this dream.


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