Dream Meaning of Ferry

Dream Meaning of Ferry

To see a ferry in a dream refers to health problems, preferring the difficult one and sometimes chance.

To dream that you get on a ferry indicates that people who will be with you during your illness will make you happy, there will be a good person whom you will meet during the solution of your health problem. Alternatively, it also means that your chance will change positively.

To take a journey with a ferry in your dream may signify that your health problems will finish. If you have a sick relative, it means that you will hear health news about him/her.

To dream that a ferry is shaking forewarns you that you should be careful about your meals because of not proceeding your illness.Shaken ferry in your dream means that you feel tired and unhappy because of your delusions and obsessions.

To dream that a ferry is burning or sinking symbolizes a disease which occurs suddenly but you will deal with easily. Alternatively, this dream also means that your enemy will get out of your sight because s/he will get sick.

To see that you are sleeping during a ferry travel in your dream indicates that your spouse, partner or close friends will be with you in your difficult times and they will give you support.

To see of buying a ferry in your dream implies that you will spend some money because of your health. If you sell a ferry in your dream, it means that your health will be better soon.

To see that you make, repair a ferry or the ferry is repaired in your dream may represent that you will catch an opportunity which you have missed before. 

To see of painting a ferry in your dream refers to an expensive but joyful journey.

To dream that you drive a ferry implies that a decision which you made tentatively will be concluded as good for you.

To dream that you are staying in a ferry may suggest that there will be bad conditions about your spiritual health but it will be better soon. You will overcome your troubles with your own.

To see of eating something in a ferry in your dream indicates that your health condition is good and this period will last long.

To dream that you miss the ferry may represent that you will save from your mistake without harm coincidentally. 

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