Dream Meaning of Sun

To see sun in your dream denotes relief coming after trouble, abundance coming after shortage, wealth, happiness, commodity and property.

Alternatively, this dream may mean that you will be sure about the health of your family and your health. You will reach the relief. You will have a life which many people want to have.

To dream that the sun rises indicates that bad days will finish, you will reach the abundance, and problems within your home will disappear.

To dream that the sun goes down may signify that you will become distant from your doubts, get rid of people or condition which constitutes risk, receive a recompense for your work.

To see of taking a sunbath in your dream refers to a reliable spouse.

To see solar eclipse in your dream may signify an assistance who carries on the business instead of you and takes great care as his/her own job. You will invest money for a job, which you are sure about, and have a regular income.

To dream that the sun explodes signifies that you will be famous, many people will know you suddenly, and you will reach an important status or be an executive in a public institution.

To dream that the sun rays decrease or the sun goes out may represent that you will have relax by consigning your job to a reliable person, have a travel, be in a country which has different cultures.

To dream that the sun falls into a sea, lake or a big water suggests that you will win promotion or have a big heritage.

To see the sun at the night or see the moon and sun at the same time in your dream may suggest that your old love will blaze out again, a person whom you forget will come back and because of this, you will have problems in your relationship.

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