Dream Meaning of Chicken

Dream Meaning of Chicken

To see a chicken in your dream denotes getting out of hole, an assistant, a spouse. If you see chickens in the garden or near poultry house in your dream, it is telling you that you will enter into a crowded place and spend good time. If you see only one chicken in your dream, you will take an invitation from a person whom you attach importance to.

To see a white chicken in a dream refers to a good incident which will fulfill rapidly. A brown chicken in a dream refers to a good issue which will take time. A black chicken in your dream signifies a good issue which your friends and relatives will be mediator for.

To see a chicken inside the home in your dream indicates that your fortune will be opened unexpectedly. If you see a chicken in the middle of the street, on the road, in the school or office, it refers to a surprise which you will have.

To see of eating chicken meat in a dream means that you will be successful. If you see chicken soup in a dream, you will have an assistant because you will expand your business.

To see chicken rice in a dream suggests that thanks to your achievements, you will get high income and by not contenting yourself with these successes, you will make a new attempts and be more successful. 

To dream that you cook chicken, prepare chicken meals denotes that you will facilitate your jobs with a method which you learned from your relative. 

To see chicken egg in a dream refers to abundance. (Look at egg)

To slaughter a chicken in your dream means that you will hear trusting statements from your friend whom you will have a travel with. If you see that another person slaughters a chicken in your dream, you will set to work by being encouraged by your relative. 

To dream that chickens eat feed indicates that one of your family will save money for you. To see that you give feed to the chickens in your dream refers to a person who will help you by saving from money you gave this person. 

To see a chicken which flutters in your dream means that you will find your spouse. If you see that a chicken flies in your dream, it denotes a wedding for single, being a mediator for your friend’s marriage for married. 

To see a chicken whose wings are open in your dream indicates that there is a person who protects you and because of this, you feel secure. 

To dream that a chicken bites you suggests that your spouse or lover will learn a secret information about you and will be upset and his/her behaviours will change towards you. 

To see that you try to catch a chicken, run after the chicken in your dream suggests that in a sort term, you will notice an opportunity which nobody sees and get an achievement which will be envied.

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