Dream Meaning of Stapler

To see a stapler in your dream may represent that you will regret, disappoint and your expectancies won’t be met. 

To staple something in your dream may indicate that you will turn your back on your friend whom you didn’t have your expected response from or who refuses your request.

To see a staple in your dream indicates that you will show patience, take great pains. If you see staple one by one in your dream, it suggests that you will break your friends’ hearts by not keeping your nerves under control.

To see that you didn’t achieve although you try to staple something in your dream may suggest that you insist on a job whose end isn’t good but this job won’t happen with the help of your chance.

To see that a staple is bought and sold, you take a staple and give it in your dream refers to a person who tells his/her mistake to you.  This person will relief thanks to you and feel gratitude.

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