Dream Meaning of Chalk

Dream Meaning of Chalk

To see a chalk in a dream refers to an educated assistant or spouse, coming to the high status by improving oneself. 

To see a white chalk in a dream means that you will take support from an educated person. A colourful chalk in your dream represents that you will take a job offer or partnership offer from a person whose environment is broad. 

To eat chalk powder or chalk in your dream indicates that you will be specialize in an issue and your prestige will enhance. 

To see chalk powder in a dream suggests that you will overcome a problem which seems difficult by acting with your own mind.

To write with a chalk in your dream suggests that you will teach your job or ability to a young person from your family and this person will be more successful than you and you will be proud of this person. If you see a person who writes with a chalk in your dream, it refers to a person who tries to deceive you with impossible promises.

To dream that you break the chalk implies that you will make an attempt to earn money from bad ways.

To see of buying or taking a chalk in your dream denotes that you will join a community and improve yourself by studies which you will make in this community. 

To see of giving or selling a chalk in your dream indicates that you will sell your commodity with higher price than the actual price or your job whose return is too little.

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