Dream Meaning of Chain

Dream Meaning of Chain

To see a chain in a dream refers to environmental pressures, restrictions within family, problems in your office. 

To see that you link, you are enchained in your dream may indicate that you proceed in the way you know well by not listening the pressures and you will reach the peace. If you see that you are enchained and you couldn't act in your dream, it means that you will correct your faults in your job. If you see that you are enchained but you can act comfortably in your dream, it signifies that another people notice your mistakes and say to your face.   

To see a chain in your home or any place in your environment in your dream symbolizes that there is a person who wants to make pressure on you but you won't give this opportunity to this person. 

To see that the chain is rusty in your dream implies that the problematic people confronting you about your job will get out of your sight.

To see chain as an ornament or jewellery in your dream may symbolize that you will find a spouse whose financial condition is good and start a family.

To see that you enchain a person in your dream may indicate that you have problems in your office and you will end up being wrong although you are right because you don't remain calm. 

To see that you save from the chains in your dream indicates that a problem regarding your past will confront you in a new environment you join. 

To see an animal which ties to chain in your dream may imply that if you control the chain, it refers to a loyal assistant. If the chain is in another person's hand in your dream, it signifies an enemy who seems friend in your close environment. 

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