Dream Meaning of Pneumonia

To see that you catch pneumonia in your dream indicates that you will hear an important update which you have a little time to change.

To see medicine regarding pneumonia in your dream may represent that you will postpone your debt, another person will undertake liability of your debt or you will create solutions for a debt you couldn't pay.

To see a person who catches pneumonia in your dream refers to a friend who says bad things about you but then regrets and apologise from you.

To see that you hear that your relative catches pneumonia in your dream means that there is a person who misses you and s/he tries to create excuses in order to meet you again.

To dream that you save from pneumonia and you recover or you see a person who recovers indicates that you will come together with a person whom you miss, the disagreements will disappear, the agreements will be solved with peace.

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