Dream Meaning of Cement

Dream Meaning of Cement

To see cement in a dream refers to money that will be earned.

To see of eating cement in your dream denotes that a religious person will help you or give you a commodity. If you see a person who eats cement in your dream, it means that you will help a person financially.

To see a cement box symbolizes money from your family elders. If you carry a cement box in your dream, it refers to money that will be spent because of a person from your family.

To see cement powder in your dream indicates that you will fix your bad works thanks to your relative and turn the tide.

To dream that you pour cement signifies investment that you will have because of your savings and commodities that you will buy for your home. If you see a person who pours cement in your dream, it denotes an expensive and valuable gift from a person.

To prepare cement mortar in a dream refers to money that you will earn with the help of a person. If you see a person who prepares cement mortar in your dream, it means that you will spend some of your money because of a journey.

To dream that you mix cement refers to money which will come from an unexpected place as soon as possible or valuable commodity.

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  1. It implies that the dream owner expects not from inner world but from outer world. It means he or she doesn’t believe his or her own strength. Once he or she tries to take a very yes very small step, then s/he wouldn’t believe the shape of things come.

  2. I often dream of washing out dry sand like cement out of my mouth. And it keeps on being there. I have hand full on my tongue and i find a bathroom and try to wash it out. But it doesn’t. What does that mean? I dream that very often.

  3. I dreamt about my fiancé who mixed a full box of cement in a full drum of water in my house, please what does this signifies

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