Dream Meaning of foot

Dream Meaning of foot

To see foot in a dream refers to conversations and it also implies that your health problems will come to an end.

To see hair on foot in your dream signifies that you will have a journey and thanks to an opinion of a person whom you meet during this journey, good progresses regarding your health problem will appear.

If you see a beautiful foot in your dream, it may represent that you will share your private problems with one of your friends during a conversation.

To see that the foot is cut in your dream symbolizes rumors that will be related to you.

To see toe in a dream signifies a long journey.

To see foot bone in your dream implies that your mother or a person whom you see her as your mother will give advice to you about your relationship or life. You will have a nice conversation with her.

To see scar on foot symbolizes a travel that you will have because of your health and whose end will be good.

A small foot signifies that you will spend money which you earned or saved for a person's disease from your family. A big foot may represent that you will want debt from one of your friends and you will spend this debt within a short period.

To dream that you wash foot indicates that you will overcome all your bad opinions and problems engaging your attention and you will be relaxed.

To see footsore in your dream signifies your money that will be off your hands.

To dream that your foot is broken refers to the decrease of your belief.

To see that your foot has a hitch in gitalong in your dream implies that the resentments within your family will come to an end.

A toenail in your dream may indicate that you will earn money regularly in a short period thanks to your achievements.

To see of kissing foot in your dream implies that your problems will finish. If you see a person who kisses foot in your dream, it indicates that you will solve your questions in your mind as soon as possible. 

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