Dream Meaning of Agony

Feeling the agony in your dream is described as the opposite and is interpreted as a very good dream. It reveals that one who had this dream will have refreshment, well being and peace, will receive good news, will have surprise developments, will make new decisions, will laugh, and will not have any problems. It means that the person who sees the dream is going to forget the tears of his/her past, the bad days he/she has experienced in the past, and look forward to his/her future with hope.

Sensation of Pain In  Your Dream

Feeling a little agony in your dream is interpreted that you should pay attention to people around you and you should stop believing to what other people say and shouldn’t trust people that you know for just two days.

Feeling Toothache In Your Dream

Feeling toothache in your dream means that good events will lead your life. It indicates that positive and beautiful developments will take place in life, and your wishes and desires will come true. Your wealth and success in your business will be plentiful and abundant.

A Headache In Your Dream

The person who sees that he has a headache in the dream means to do wrong and erroneous things, to say bad words and then to leave himself in a difficult situation. It is said that the dreamer will then have to be in a pretty scrape and will struggle to make up for the situation.

Seeing Wounds In Your Body In Your Dream

To see a wound on your body in your dream is said to be a sign of the wrong way of the dreamer, to forget the religion and the book, to give up the place of Allah, not to be afraid to sin and to involve in lies and deviance.

Going Through A Surgery In Your Dream

Going through a surgery in your dream means that the dreamer will have fun and enjoyment, that he will not miss the joy and peace of mind, and that he will live a comfortable, easy, and beautiful life without falling into the economic hardship.


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