Dream Meaning of Boasting

Boasting, bragging and vanity in a dream, is a sign that you will be embarrassed and ashamed in real life. Seeing that you are boasting in your dreams, points out condescending in the eyes of God and to lose value among the people and to be out of sight. Boast in a dream means doing bad deeds and ugly works to gain honour and elevation among the people.

It is not good for someone to praise herself or himself in a dream, it is a sign of doing sinful deeds. Boasting is not good also in real life. But being praised by other people is not bad. Being praised by an old man that is now known by everyone is a sign of an increase in your position and authority. To see that you are praised by a middle-aged man is a sign of poverty. Seeing yourself being praised by a friend in the dream is interpreted as charity and blessing. It is not good to be praised or seeing yourself being praised by an enemy in the dream. It is a sign of being a laughing stock. Some interpreter evaluates this dream as an end of hostility.


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