Dream Meaning of Emery

Dream Meaning of Emery

To see emery in a dream may indicate that you will finalise a job which has small troubles. Alternatively, it tells that you will fix your relations with a friend whom you are at variance with again. If you are a debtor, you will reach power by paying your debts. You will make peace again with your spouse if you are in bad odour with your spouse. 

To see that you rub a wood with emery in your dream may represent that there are some issues which you will deal with easily and exaggerate in your eyes.  It also refers to a trouble whose solution is simple and very easy.

To rub staffs such as glass, seramic with emery in your dream suggests that as you want to help one of your friends, conversely you will give harm too much.

To rub metal items such as iron, copper with emery in your dream implies that your achievements which you get by working will be permanent and awesome.

To see of buying emery in your dream means that you will pay your past debts easily, leave the resentments in the past.

To see that any place of your body is rubbed with emery in your dream refers to health problems which will occur on that area but get well soon.

To see that the rub is eroded and it isn’t working in your dream indicates that you will have wealth as much as you live without working.

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