Dream Meaning of Blood in the Mouth

This dream shows that you will be rich and wealthy. It also has a meaning that revelation of a secret which is kept from your family, spouse or relatives. Sometimes this dream is an indicator of snub which is said to you by someone  from your family or friends.

Dream Of Nosebleed

Dream of nose bleed can be interpreted differently based on the amount of blood. If there are only a few drops of blood, it indicates that your wealth will grow larger. If the amount of blood is greater than a few drops, then it symbolizes poverty and sadness. Color of blood also changes the interpretation. If the color is dark, it symbolizes foul play in your business life. If the color is lighter then it symbolizes sickness.

Dream Of Vomiting Blood

Dream of vomiting blood means that you are going to regret some of your decisions that you’ve taken in past and you are going to work in order to change these mistakes. Dream of vomiting is also interpreted by some as escaping from ilnesses and going back to a healthy life.

Dream Of Drinking Blood

Dream of drinking blood indicates that you are going to work your way out from some hard situations. Dream of drinking blood is considered a good sign. It symbolizes happiness and peace.

Dream Of Spitting Blood

Dream of spitting blood symbolizes heart-breaking words from your mother,father, brother or sisters. If you saw yourself spitting blood in your dream, it indicates that you will try to find an easy way to earn money in your business life but these struggles will make you lose money and reputation in the end.

Dream Of Earbleed

Dream of ear bleeding symbolizes profit and reputation in your business life and good deeds. It may also indicates that you are going to suffer some losses in your personal life and your work will be affected by this.



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