Dream Meaning of Cow

Dream Meaning of Cow

To see a cow in your dream symbolizes materialism.

To dream that you see a cow then drink its milk may suggest that you will reach wealth. If you are rich, this dream is telling you that your properties will increase. If you are woman, this dream denotes that you will find a rich spouse.

To dream that a cow harms you with its horns means that you will be betrayed.

To see a weak cow in your dream refers to a spouse whose financial condition is bad.

To see a cow who enters into a garden and harms the environment in your dream may represent that a guest who comes to your home will be ill-intentioned. To see that you feed a cow in your dream signifies that you will do beneficial jobs and people mention about you with good statements.

To dream that a cow drinks milk may represent that you will be harmed from a thing which you don’t expect.

To see that you milk the cow in your dream implies that if you are woman, you will receive kindness. If you are man, you are pleased with your spouse.

To see the tail of cow in your dream symbolizes richness as much as your height.

To see that you cut a cow or a cow is cut in your dream means that you will have a child.


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