Dream Meaning of Apocalypse

If you have a dream about doom, this might not be as bad as you think. A lot of people think that a dream about doom means that you are going to go through some bad stuff soon, but this might not even be the case at all. It could just mean that you are worried about something small. In the old days, a dream of doom would have resulted in a few people heads getting cut off because each dream was seen as a prophecy of things to come. But it is different in this case. To see the day of Judgment or doomsday in a dream is to see that the one who sees the dream is on a correct way for both himself and his loved ones to solve his problems and troubles. By keeping himself away from what is seen as haram and sin on the eternal realm of Allah. Family life and business life, that he will live very happy and peaceful are all thanks to this righteous acts.

Waiting For Doomsday In A Dream

The person who sees the dream portrays the fact that everything that comes to him comes from God, and that he believes that in every deed, there is something good. Since he has to support every wish and every help that comes from the right path in business life, to support people who are asking for help.

Experiencing Doomsday In A Dream

It indicates that the dream owner will protect himself from evils, his bad deeds, from people who talk bad behind his backs, people who impose sinful thoughts and slander by making use of Allah’s help. And he will be bestowed with this help by believing that all this happens thanks to Allah.

Seeing Doomsday Is Approaching In Your Dream

It is interpreted  that in business and family life the one who had this dream will try to protect them against the bad situations and events that may happen to his loved ones and that he will do his best when they need help, and will try very hard to get rid of the troubles that he may fall in material and spiritual situations.

Seeing That Doomsday Is Happening In A Dream

The dreamer, who has been living distressed and troubled days for a long time, will protect himself from all the evil and destructive events that may happen to him on this occasion and will distract himself from disturbing events, it will not suffer any harm.

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