Dream Meaning of Being Bitten

To be bitten in your dream represents that you will be defeated in your business.  The dream symbolizes losing power and failure.

To dream that you are bitten implies your rivals will try to trap you and you will get into trouble.  The dream may be a sign of someone who is evil-minded in your social environment.

Alternatively, dreaming with being bitten signifies that you will behave people well-meaningly and kindly but they don’t treat you in the same way and they will harm you.

The dream meaning of being bitten by a person

To see that you are bitten by a person in your dream indicates that the person who bites you will harm you and cause a loss.  You will feel disappointed because of this person. The dream may symbolize one of your friends or a few friends. You will get upset because this person or these people are in your confidence.   

The dream interpretation of being bitten by a dog

To dream of being bitten by a dog represents that you will start to lose power and be unsuccessful in your business. Your competitors will win against you. Alternatively, the dream interpretation signifies that you will reach your goals, achieve in your business and be envy. Your rivals will be jealous of your success and so they try trapping you.

To dream of being bitten by a cat

To see that you are bitten by a cat in your dream is a sign of feeling disappointment. You will suffer from someone who you want him / her to succeed and be happy. You are always assisting this person but he / she behave unfaithfully to you. This betrayal will cause you feel disappointed and confused.

To be bitten by a spider in dream

Dreaming about being bitten by a spider is usually a good symbol. It denotes that you will seize a chance. Besides, the dreamer will get good news and will be surprised with unexpected events. The dreamer will accept that these improvements are miracles from God.


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  1. I had a strong dream of a pig has bitten me with his 4 sharp front teeth. leaving 4 holes on my stomach.

    what does that means?

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