Dream Meaning of Jar

To see a jar in your dream may represent that you will build empty castles in the air, have high expectancy and be self seeker.

To see a full jar in your dream may imply that by doing business with a person whose interests are common with you, you will take what you want.

 If you see a jar which is full, whose cover is closed and clean in your dream, it means that you will take whatever you want and have the impacts of this success for a long time.

To see an empty jar in your dream may represent that a dream you had recently will occur incompletely.

To see many jars which range subsequently in your dream indicates that you will be successful more than one times with the help of your chance in an issue which your success possibility is very low.

To see of breaking a jar in your dream may suggest that you won't insist on an issue which you had harm from, you will have profit by closing your harm with another job.

To see a broken jar in a dream means that you will reach a property whose wage was paid before but was late to take it.

To see that you buy a jar in your dream may symbolize that you will come together with people from different countries in order to implement one of your dreams.

To see of selling or giving a jar in your dream may denote that you will try to curry favor with a person whose status is very important because of having interest.

To see that you eat and drink something from the jar in your dream may indicate that you will be able to reach your dreams with the support of others.