Dream Meaning of Fortune

To tell fortune in a dream implies satisfying somebody’s curiosity, baring to someone, opening one’s heart to someone. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you are loved in return, have positive response to your question and an important expectancy will occur.

To dream that you read, interpret the fortune indicates that although the possibility is low, positive updates will occur.

To see of visiting a fortune teller in your dream may represent that you will be relaxed by sharing a topic which you want to hide from your environment with some people, everything in a subject which you take a risk will happen as you want.

Good fortune in your dream is interpreted as good, bad fortune is considered as a warning because you don’t know the value of things that you have.

To see a person who tells the fortune in your dream signifies that there is a person who follows the updates about you and collects information about you. The fortune teller in a dream implies that you will meet a person who makes you happy as soon as possible.

To see of speaking with fortune teller in your dream may represent that you will win out over your enemy and when you give up the struggle, an obstacle will disappear in front of you.

To close fortune in a dream implies that an officer refrain from his/her boss, a student is rebuked by his/her instructor, a lover discourages towards the person whom s/he loves.

To tell coffee fortune telling in your dream indicates that there are people who envy you within your family and these people will prevent you from an issue but you will show success in your business life as soon as possible in spite of these people.

To tell “loves me loves me not” in your dream may imply that you will hear news which comes from an old lover but makes you happy.

To see horse in your fortune may represent that you will do your own business. A fish refers to a lot of money coming from a place. Animals in your fortune generally symbolize property and money.

To see people in fortune in your dream indicates that you will receive support, your friends won’t leave you alone in difficult situations.

To dream flowers, tree or plants in fortune may represent that your health will be better and if there is a person who is ill, this person will recover. Food and beverages symbolize that you will be in luck thanks to one of your relatives and there is abundance in daily bread.