Dream Meaning of Desert

To see desert in a dream refers to going away, keeping distance, abstracting oneself and longing. Alternatively, this dream may mean that you will have a journey alone because of throwing your bad thoughts from your mind and relaxing.

A desert storm in your dream may represent that you will have a pleasant and intensive holiday and take a rest. It also refers to a person who is attached to you more as you go far away.

To dream that sands in desert seem as patterns implies that a person will twist your words and leave you in a difficult situation.

To walk on desert, grovel on sands in your dream indicates that you will give up sudden passions and act by thinking the future. Because of this, you will keep your distance with your friendship environment.

To get lost in desert in your dream may represent that you will miss a person whom you try to go far away, start to have emotional feelings towards a person whom you make friendship with.

To dream that it is raining in desert implies that you will come together with a person and you aren't get accustomed to his/her absence. It also means that you will find a thing which you have lost, earn money by gambling.

To see a house in desert in your dream may suggest that an old love will grow violent. If you see snake, reptile or any kind of animal in your dream, it refers to a person whom you don't find as you leave. 

To dream that you see a tree in desert indicates that you will realize that you will be able to produce solutions on your own when your friend isn't with you.

To dream that you see water hole, lake or fountain in the middle of desert implies that you will get the better of bad issue. You will be blamed unfairly because of this.

To dream that you pray or perform prayer in desert may represent that you will take attractive gifts, your longing will come to an end and you will be rewarded for your efforts during your journey.