Dream Meaning of Demon of Hell

To see the demon of hell in a dream indicates that you will save from the slavery, get rid off from a person or staff which you don't like.

To see that you are fighting with the demon of hell and it comes to you in your dream signifies that you will get what you want at the end.

To speak with the demon of hell in your dream may imply that you will affect some people positively with your speeches and attitudes. These people will tie to you with love and respect.

To see a person whom you like as the demon of hell in your dream may indicate that you will break the heart of one of your friends about an issue which you are misdirected, you should evaluate well the statements which you heard recently.  

To see that the demon of hell is smiling, laughing in your dream may represent that you make a person very happy thanks to a small aid which you did recently. This person says compliments about you.