Dream Meaning of Bible

To see bible in your dream means that you will have to do soul-searching, be between a rock and a hard place, draw a new way or be a side by taking a stand.

To read bible in your dream may represent that your spiritual life will be strong and you will be good-tempered.

To dream that you are listening bible signifies that your belief is strong; you will be afraid of God and be a person whose character is very powerful.

To see bible sura or the parts of bible in your dream may indicate that you will take support while you pass through the difficult ways. As a result of indebtedness because of this support, you will find your way, direction.

To see of buying bible in your dream may represent that you will escape from the badness, try to take the edge off your desires.

To see of selling bible in your dream indicates that a commodity which went out of your possession will come back or you will be eager to buy again the commodity which was sold.

To see that you will give bible as a gift or distribute bible in your dream suggests that you will pass the exam or your status will increase.

To see of burning bible in your dream may mean that you will feel a twinge of guilt about the decision which you made, you will regret and upset.

To see that you kiss bible in your dream represents that you will bet about an issue, make an effort to drive a coach and horses through.

To see of tearing bible in your dream symbolizes sin, ill gotten or suffering.