Dream Meaning of Adopted

Seeing an adopted child in a dream means that you are going through a lot of troubles in your business life but you will be very comfortable thanks to the events that will take place in the near future and will make you happy. And you will succeed in every job you take.

Seeing That ‘you are adopted’ in your dream

Seeing in your dream that you are adopted is interpreted as encountering unexpected, untimely and great hardships when everything is going very well in family and workplace. It also interpreted as this hardship will be ultimately overcome with patience and high efforts of yours.

Adopting A Child In Your Dream

It reveals that the dream owner will enter new jobs at a time when things are going very badly and that he will look for new ways to solve his problems and that he will be helped by people around him before his troubles do much harm.

Adopting A Boy In your Dream

It is said that the person who sees the dream will get benefits by taking major steps in the near future to solve the problems that he/she has experienced in his business life, to get rid of his/her problems and troubles and to have more beautiful days on his/her job.

Adopting A Girl In Your Dream

It is interpreted that the dreamer who has gained great gains at a time when his/her work is going very well will enter into a period where he will have a very difficult day with bad news and that he will suffer so much and that his/her works will be interrupted after he/she gets a good job and that he/she will break apart with the people who he/she work with.