Dream Meaning of Weakness (Frailty)

To see weakness in a dream means that you will fall in love, have power and make uneconomical spendings.

To see that you become weak, lose a lot of weight in your dream may represent that you will be powerful and your respect will enhance thanks to money you will get, by chance or a person whom you will meet.

To see that you lose weight, your arms and legs are too thin in your dream may suggest that you will be successful in a job which you tried many times before but you couldn’t achieve, you will win a person whom you tried to affect by means of your sincerity, you will have a staff which you wanted to buy but you always postponed.

To see that you are very very thin in your dream may mean that the ill person will get well, a single person will get married, an issue which you pin your whole hope upon and see as the last chance will be concluded positively.

To dream that one of your acquaintances becomes very thin indicates that you will hear the updates about his/her love life. If you see that a person whom you don’t know becomes very thin, it is telling you that you have a friend who always gives support to you.

To see that a fat person becomes thin in your dream may suggest that you will be able to have trouble unless you are careful about your unreasonable spendings, your peace will be able to disappear if you don’t pay attention to your relationship.

To see that a thin person has weight in your dream symbolizes that you will have favour in return for your favour, a problem which you postpone will disappear spontaneously.

To see a very thin baby or child in your dream may mean that you will reach money which you gave as a debt for a long time ago but you didn’t take back. Also, it denotes that you will find a staff you lost.

To see any kind of animal which is very thin in your dream may indicate that there will be bigger expense than you expect. Alternatively, it also tells benediction which will be got without any effort.