Dream Meaning of Number Three

The dream meaning of three shall be interpreted truly together with the other things in dream. The other things, events and subjects in your dream completes the interpretation. So the meaning depends on what you see related to three in your dream.  Usually, dreaming of three informs the dreamer about time. You may wish something and need to wait to come true. Also, your dream may be a sign of your wishes will take shape in a three time such as days, months, years etc.

To see the number of three

To see the number of three in your dream symbolizes a good and willed result after a waiting time. If you are single, then the number of three indicates that you will marry in a three time. Also, it denotes that you will get a result about an important issue. If the dreamer is an old person and he / she has some health problems, then dreaming of three may represent a bad symbol about your health.

The dream of taking three steps

To dream that you are taking three steps suggests that you will get a good news within a short while and you will be successful about your goals. Alternatively, taking three steps in your dream represents three important decisions which you will make.  These decisions will cause some differences in your life. Also, it may symbolize that you will have good luck in every field of your life. If you are married, it may be a sign of giving birth to three children.

The dream with talking three people

To dream that you are talking three people  may be interpreted as three close friends. You will consult all your decisions and plans to your three close friends. They will be helpful and assist you on your way. It may suggest that you will make right decisions with the aid of your friends, you will trust them and overcome your problems.  

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of three

To dream of three illustrates someone who is waiting for something  excitedly. Besides number of three may suggest that the dreamer is suffering from obsession. These kind of people usually obsessive about the events and situations which occur around them and have superstitious beliefs. Their beliefs are mostly influence them while making decisions.