Dream Meaning of Mine

To see a mine in your dream implies that you will have an enemy, you will be together with an intriguing person or have intriguing friends.

To see that a mine explodes in your dream implies that the thing which is known will appear and you will face the truth which is concealled unexpectedly.

To see that you clean a mine in your dream may represent that you will have a business travel or you will join an invitation because it is compulsory.

To see of finding a mine in your dream denotes that you will take a back seat by evading responsibility, you will save the time or you will neglect to invest in future.

To see mine field in your dream signifies that your wish will come true, you will be accepted for a job or you will be succesful by making school selection.

To see of steping on a mine in your dream indicates that a cost will leave you in a diffucult situation in terms of finance.

To see of collecting mines in your dream implies that you will weep for joy by having good news, you will receive a recompense for your work.

To see of putting mines in your dream shows that you will dissemble, you will adopt shame or you will be excluded.