Dream Meaning of Barrel

To see a barrel in a dream refers to abundance, money, the end of a trouble, the ending of a debt.

To see a full barrel in a dream symbolizes lump sum or commodity which will come to your home. A barrel with full of water in a dream signifies halal and abundant profit. A barrel whose inside is unclear implies that you will take surprise and gifts.

To see a lot of barrels in a dream may represent that abundance will rule over the whole environment where you are living in.

To see a barrel which has honey, oil, grape molasses or different goods in a dream refers to abundance. Tap or butt in a dream implies that you won't satisfy your curiosity and the uncertainty will continue for a time.

To see an empty barrel in your dream may indicate that you will finish your debts, issued fine will disappear, you will be forgiven by a person whom you gave a raw deal.

To dream that you are carrying a barrel or you see people who are carrying barrel may represent that you will easily pay the debts of your long term investment or a commodity which you bought with by instalments and  get rid of your debts in a time before you planned.

To see a broken, cracked barrel or you break the barrel in your dream signifies that your bad luck will turn into the good, you will move into profit from lose or a person who didn't get married will get married.

To step on,kick or roll barrels in your dream may represent that you will forget your past problems because of your assets which you get in short time and you will make big spendings without thinking the future.

Dream Meaning of Barrel

To see a barrel in your dream suggests that you are enforcing the terms to get and have more. You will be alone and feel lonely because you behave so selfishly instead of giving thanks to God for your havings. The dream may indicate that you aren’t a helpful person and at last, there won’t be anyone who you can trust around you. Also, barrel in your dream may symbolize your belief that you can purchase everything and money solve any problem. Besides, dreaming with an empty barrel implies your emotional spaces. Alternatively, to dream of barrel may be a sign of hiding something from other people or yourself.

To buy a barrel in dream

To dream that you are buying a barrel indicates that you will meet new people and make new deals in your business. If you are trading, then dreaming with buying a barrel may symbolize opening new branch offices and enlarging business. You will gain more profit, your purchasing power will increase and you will lead a happy life.

Dream meaning of painting a barrel

To dream of painting a barrel black may be a sign of quitting and finding a new job. You will get a new job but you won’t feel happy at your new work. To paint barrel green in your dream implies a good symbol. Painting barrel green symbolizes helping people and being respected and appreciated by the others. To dream that you are painting a barrel blue suggests that there will be any developments promisingly. To paint it yellow may be a sign of difficult times because of illness and some health problems.

Psychological interpretation of a barrel in dream

The dream of barrel is sometimes a sign of starving. If you are going on a diet, then dreaming about a barrel suggests that you are feeling hungry. Alternatively, the dream interpretation of barrel may symbolize non satisfaction, greed or emotional gaps.