Dream Meaning of Waistcoat

To see a waistcoat in a dream means that you will take support, reach the peace, become happy.

To see that you knit a waistcoat in your dream may represent that you will put a plan about your future into effect, save money, start to eat properly.

If you see that another person knits a waistcoat in your dream, it tells that there are people who try to guarantee your future in the name of you, there are people who facilitate your decision which you make about a person whom you will have a relationship or a job which you will do afterwards.

To dream that your mother knits a waistcoat indicates good things. If you borrow debt, you will pay without any trouble. If you want help, many people will help you.

To see that you wear a waistcoat in your dream may suggest that you will get rid of the diseases, stay away from badness and if you have trouble, it will disappear spontaneously. If you wear waistcoat as another person holds it, this dream denotes that you will gain respect.

To see that you clothe a person in your dream symbolizes that by using your savings, you will buy a thing for investment purpose for the future. If you are single, it refers to marriage offer. If you are ill, you will find the cure in a distant country.

To take off or hang a waistcoat in your dream may suggest that after a long and tiring period, you will have a journey for holiday, get rid of the troubles in your mind, go on a holiday which will be good and is far away from job or school stress.

To lose a waistcoat in your dream may indicate that a person who supports you and is with you in your troubles will move to a distant place.

To dream that you buy a waistcoat, a person gives it as a gift signifies that you will keep a pet. To see that you sell a waistcoat, you give it as a gift in your dream means that you will give your pet which you don’t pay attention or plant to a person whom you like.

To see a green waistcoat in your dream denotes that you will reach the peace spiritually. If you see black or dark waistcoat in your dream, it means that you will be stronger. A white or light coloured waistcoat indicates that you will get old with a spouse who has full of love.

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