Dream Meaning of Salami

To see salami in your dream refers to new steps which will be taken related to life, being a house owner, the beginning of the new process or new environment. If the salami is big, your economic environment will get better, life environment will be different and growth will occur. If the salami is small, it refers to house or job which you will have as soon as possible.

To see of eating salami in your dream suggests that an attempt waited for a long time will happen or you will pay deposit to a new house.

To cut, chop or slice salami in your dream refers to cooperation or household goods. 

To see of taking or buying salami in a dream refers to a surprise visitor or a relative coming from a distant place.

To sell salami in your dream refers to a short term separation. 

To see salami sausage in a dream refers to abundant period, peaceful life.

To see salami bread in a dream symbolizes that you will find power from the environment, take support and your works will be all right. 

To see salami with pistachio signifies clear paper which will be waited from public institution, tears of joy.

To see musty salami in your dream symbolizes that some people try to trip up, try to prevent you and rumor about you. 

To see spoilt salami in a dream refers to a small health problem. 

To see salami plate in your dream indicates that you will finish an intensive and stressful period or have a pleasant meeting or visiting. 

To see a sandwich with salami in your dream refers to a property which you will have by means of heritage. 

To see a salad with salami in your dream means that you will have a life which will be envied, peaceful future.

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