Dream Meaning of Turnip

To see turnip in your dream refers to trial, experience and wonder. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will notice that there is no condition to be scared by facing with your fear and you will get relaxed.

To drink turnip juice in your dream may represent that by changing a method which you always apply about the issue of relationship with your friends, you will affect them favourably.

To eat turnip in your dream means that you will be close to a person who keeps at bay with his/her appearance and you will reintegrate this person into the society.

To see turnip garden or field in your dream indicates that you will enter into a crowded environment and you will be forced to make mistake by people there.

To see of collecting turnip from garden or field in your dream suggests that by noticing people who force you to make a mistake, you won't make faults which they direct. You will protect people you love from them by keeping your distance from them.

To plant or water turnip in your dream may indicate that you will enter into an environment because of satisfying your curiosity with your friend who has bad habits and you will lose your money and health becayse of your behaviours you did in that environment.


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