Dream Meaning of Lip

Dream Meaning of Lip

Seeing lip in a dream symbolizes love, toleration, understanding. It means also judgment.

Seeing lips normal in a dream indicates that judgment that is sit on you will militate be in favour of you and you will attend a community that peace is dominated.

To see fleshy lips in a dream indicates that your words are worthful among people and you will enter in the process that full of happiness. Fleshy lips symbolizes gaining strenght and indicates that your power of sanction will increase.

Seeing small lips in a drem indicates that you will have trouble to convince someone. And sometimes this person move away his problems and sorrow permanently.

To see that you have no lips or someone who has not lips in a dream indicates that he will attent a communty that has a secrets and secrecy.

To see someone whose lips are wounded, shivered, or slit in a dream is misunderstood because his words.

To see that you have a cold sore on your lip in a dream symbolizes windfall.

Bleeding of lip in a dream indicates that you will mess somone over for your own interests or you will rub someone you love’s nose in the dirt. To see the blood on someone else’s lip indicates that you will meet someone who hurt you unintentionally.

And you will let somebody down because of your fault.

Tearing lips in a dream indicates that you will be appreciated for your toleration and understanding and you will benefit from this.

To dream that there is nerd on your lip symbolizes somene clothing a word you didn’t say and symbolizes a friend who wants to elevate you saying that a work ended in success done by you.

Eating lip in a dream indicates that a long waiting will end up, you will accept the offer you have evaluated for a long time and will interfere people’s life near you .

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  1. Love this… What does it mean to read someones lips in dream? The lips were full and beautiful looking and I was reading them in the dream however I dont know what they were saying to me…

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