Dream Meaning of Train

To see a train in a dream refers to backwardness, primitiveness, purity and good intention.  If the train is going in your dream, this dream signifies lectures which you will join in order to improve yourself about an issue.

To see that the train is very long and endless in your dream symbolizes that there are a lot of issues which you should improve yourself. If you see a short train in your dream, you will close your differences with your friends as a result of a small job.

To see that you get off the train in your dream suggests that you will harm people by going off the rails. If you fall from the train in your dream, you will go towards wrong behaviours because of an ill intentioned friend.

To jump or escape from a train in your dream may imply that you will give up bad friends and tempers, swear off because of your sins.

To dream that the train isn’t moving refers to talks about your good intention.

To see yourself inside the train in your dream indicates that you will give a lecture about your job to your close environment or a community.

To see a toy train in your dream signifies an ill-intentioned friend who shows himself/herself as good intentioned person, fake craft, a liar son/daughter.

To see a black train in your dream refers to an illiterate spouse. A white train refers to a pure spouse. A colourful train signifies a good intentioned friend.

To drive a train in your dream means that you will go back to the town life by giving up the city or have a picnic.

To see a train accident in your dream may represent that you will learn that one of your family is deceived because of his/her good intention.

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