Dream Meaning of Lie

Dream Meaning of Lie

To see a lie in your dream may represent that you will show your intention, the game will be spoiled, and there is a person whose sayings and behaviours are different from each other. 

To see of telling a lie in your dream indicates that you will mislead people by hiding your real intention. You will use trust of people for providing self interest by gaining trust of these people. If you see a person who tells lie or you hear lies in your dream, it means that the person will leave you in a difficult situation by understanding your intention about deceiving him/her.

To dream that you perjure yourself implies that you will try many ways in order to reach your goal. Even you won’t hesitate to try the options which are opposite to your belief by choosing these ways.

To see that you blame a person about lying in your dream may indicate that you make clear that other people seek for your deficiencies about an issue which you feel inadequate yourself. That’s why, people feel strange from you.

To dream that you are blamed with lying refers to goodness. If you see that you tell lie and you are blamed with lying because of this in your dream, it means that there is a jealous person who wants to be like you in your close environment but makes bold to your doings.

If you see that you are blamed with lying although you didn’t tell lie in your dream, this dream means that you will prove that you are better than a person who is known as successful in your environment. People will come together in your environment because of this.

The behaviours which are pretended in your dream refers to goodness. If you pretended to faint in your dream, it signifies that your health problems are temporary and insignificant, you will save from the illness. If you pretended to smile in your dream, it refers to news which brings happiness. If you pretended to cry in your dream, it means that a friendship will convert into the love.

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