Dream Meaning of Torture

Torturing in the dreams indicates good things. It points out that the person who sees the dream will have a comfortable life, will win a lot of money in easy ways, will have developments that will give happiness, will be happy with his new decisions and will enter the path of his life. To be pleasant and peaceful, it is said that the disease will end, the debts will end and the problems will be solved. It also comes in the sense of chance and fortune.

Torturing in the dream

Torturing in the dream is not good. It indicates that the dream owner's hopes will end, he will experience disappointment, he will be sorrowful and very unhappy, everything will start to go badly and many accidents will overtake him. The person experiences failure and falls into difficulty.

Seeing someone is tortured in the dream

Seeing a torture to someone in the dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will experience a number of personal problems that will disrupt his or her life, take his business back and engage with him or herself for a while.

Seeing rape in a dream

To see a rape in the dream is interpreted as seeing the victims with bad intentions, things may not go as planned, and for that reason you will have to go through bad days in spiritual sense.

Seeing that you are raped in a dream

If you see that you are raped in a dream, the dreamer is going to have an event he will not want, and that this event will affect him very badly and he will not be able to get rid of it for a long time. It is expressed as a distress to be experienced in daily life rather than the profession.

Seeing someone raped in a dream

Seeing one is raped in a dream tires one of you to be unfair or to slander one, but with the understanding of the situation you will be disgraced and you will feel ashamed of what you have done.


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