Dream Meaning of Arm

Seeing an arm in your dream refers to the male members of your family. It is a sign of the presence of someone who provides for the house, takes his family under his wings,  does not hesitate to share what he has with people around him, open-hearted person. Seeing an arm in your dream also means that you may be alone in your workplace and you are overburdened because of the works you have to do all alone by yourself. Seeing arms, either your own or someone else’s in a dream is very common. While arms do not always have special significance in dreams, arms can be very significant under some circumstances. Dreams in which details about arms remembered are likely to be significant since it tends to be the most significant details that are remembered upon waking.

Seeing An Arm Slit In Your Dream

Arm slit has very bad meanings. It refers to the instances such as a situation so bad that can make mourn, loss of a beloved one’s life, tear shed and maybe even the loss of your own life.

Seeing A Broken Arm In Your Dream

Breaking the arm in the dream is a terrible sand sinister omen, and it means the future of great melancholy to the dreamer’s owner. It is said to sing to taking non-returnable roads, to get a sickness that will not be good.

Seeing Armchairs In Your Dream

Seeing a hairy arm in a dream means problem and trouble. It indicates that the dream owner will linger on his life, his work will fail, his earnings will fall, and his bills will be accumulated.

Seeing Yourself Armless In Your Dream

Seeing yourself with no arms in your dream is explained as the presence of a person that constantly prays for you, someone who wants you to have the best of everything and who wants you to be protected from any harm.

Seeing A Wristwatch In Your Dream

Seeing a wristwatch in a dream indicates the dreamer’s personal affairs. It means that he is in this ambiguity that he was uncertain about almost everything matter and uncertainty is killing him.

Seeing Cufflinks In Your Dream

To see cufflinks in a dream means to have a steep and honourable posture against life, to know what you want, to fulfil your responsibilities in time, to be very successful in your business life, to organize,  discipline, to a well-established work environment and to life. There are also interpretations which says that the person who sees this dream is going to become a wise scholar in future.


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