Dream Meaning of Tooth

Seeing tooth in a dream symbolizes abundance, earnings, Money and ornament.

Someone who sees that he pulled his tooth gets rich.

To see that you have no tooth any more indicates that someone in the family will be inherited. Someone who sees that he has no tooth but eat easly will benefit from his family’s inheritance. If he sees he has no tooth and can not easily, he can not benefit from this inheritance.

White tooth symbolizes too much Money and Money that’s been honestly earned.

Bloody tooth in a dream symbolizes ill-gotten gains. If bloody tooth belong to another one,it is you prompting him for undeserved gains.

To see that broken tooth in a dream indicates that you will spend a part of your Money gained without trouble for charity.

Someone who see that his tooth cut in a dream indicates that he will spend his Money for luxury and enjoyment and he loses his wealth.

Someone seeing prosthodontics in a dream inherits a fortune by his wife.

Someone who found tooth in anywhere in a dream indicates that he makes savings for his children. He makes certain of his children life and receives their blessings.

To see gold tooth in a dream symbolizes jewellry. To see gold tooth in mouth symbolizes a gift to be received in a wedding or bairam. To dream that you see gold tooh in someone else’s mouth or out of mouth symbolizes ornament getting through saving.

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  1. wonderful interpretation, I had a strange dream of a white tooth broke off and there was no blood. Then I pulled out the the large piece if GOLD that was part of my jaw that had pink diamonds and sapphires. WOW this is definitely strange but your interpretation was on point with what Ia m feeling. Thank you

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